Yeast Art Commissions

Yeast Art


The bio-art pieces can be purchased in multiple forms. I am using a living material as a medium, so there is some variability in the final piece and the speed at which the piece can be created.

I can either give the final piece printed on paper and mounted on backing (easy to frame and cut to desired size), just the image on sealed paper, a photograph (printed on an agar growth plate), or a paper piece embedded in epoxy. The paper would be about 10cm x 7cm (the backing can be whatever size you want) and the epoxy would be 17cm x 13cm x 1cm. The pieces can also be assembled into larger collages if a desired piece is larger than the 10cm x 7cm parameters.

These pieces can be from the collection seen here or a commission. Please contact for details and pricing!



The plate the yeast is printed on is about 11cm x 8cm, thus the print on paper must be similar or smaller

The paper is peeled off and sealed once the piece has grown



The final epoxied piece is about 17cm x 13cm x 1cm


Agar Photograph

The agar is about 11cm x 8cm

Your photograph can be any parameter you would like


Edited photograph of yeast art printed on agar