Press and Awards

Yeast Art in the Press



 FASEB 2016 BioArt Competition Winner

On view at NIH visitor Center 

The End 4.14.17.jpg

American Society for Microbiology 2017 Agar Art Competition First Place Winner

Displayed at the 2017 ASM Microbe Conference




Yeast - Special Issue on Interspecies Hybrids (January 2018)

Cover design, print and photography 


The Art Of Research - MCB Blog (2018)


Agar Art Contest Winners Grow Masterpieces with Microbes - Inkfish blog, Discover Magazine (2017)

Rising art stars - The Art Newspaper (2017)

Artists Use Bacteria to "Grow" Masterpieces - GOOD Magazine (2017)

Sunset 6.28.16.JPG

Art in the Age of Ones and Zeros

Five More Synthetic Yeast Chromosomes Completed - The Scientist (2017)

Painting with Yeast - Nature Blog (2017)


Cover stories: Making the synthetic yeast chromosomes cover and introductory spread image - Science Magazine (March 10th, 2017)


Nautilus- How Can Microscopic Yeast Draw the Nautilus Logo? The New Art of Bio-Pointillism (2015)  


Building on nature's design - Science Magazine (March 10th, 2017)

A New Lab-Built Fungus Eats Sugar and Burps Out Drugs - Wired Magazine (2017)

Intro spread of Science Magazine March 10th, 2017 Edition - Vol 355, Issue 6329



The New York Times - Summer of Science (2015)